ALIGN Agricultural Helicopter

ALIGN Auto-Navigation Agricultural Helicopter

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Education and Practical experience sharing

Education and training
Practical experience sharing

Agricultural Helicopter Video

  • ALIGN Auto-Navigation Agricultural Helicopter
  • ALIGN Auto-Navigation Agricultural Helicopter
  • ALIGN G1 Agricultural Helicopter
  • Chiayi Taibao Agricultural Protection Project and Product Promotion
  • Pineapple and Taro Agricultural Spraying Project
  • Taitung Haitutuan - Crop Sheath Blight Protection Project
  • Chiayi West District - Crop Protection Project
  • Chiayi Dalin – Corn Protection Project
  • Chiayi Dalin – Grass Seed Control and Protection Project
  • Chiayi Dalin - Eliminate Fall Armyworm Project
  • Chiayi Meishan – Cloudstea Daily Work
  • Chiayi Meishan – Cloudstea Night Work
  • Chiayi Xikou – Corn Protection Project
  • ALIGN E1 Flies Over Alps

Introduction Video

A13 Transmitter Operation

E1 Power Charging

Operation and Inspection

AP2 Ground Station Operation

AP2 Ground Station Settings

Flight Operation and Notes
Flight Mode
Semi-automatic Intelligent Flight
Advance Settings

Flight Safety

Taichung Headquarter

  • Add:No.345, Shuiyuan Rd, Fengyuan Dist, Taichung City
  • TEL:886-4-25279117

Taipei Branch

  • Add:4F., No. 26, Ln. 513, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City
  • TEL:886-2-87514658

Kaohsiung Branch

  • Add:No. 843, Lantian Rd., Nanzi Dist., Kaohsiung City
  • TEL:886-7-5913138

Agricultural Huadong Branch

  • Add:2F, 342 Luoyang Street, Taitung City
  • Tel: 886-955-260359